Hi! I’m Angie

My adult life has been a seemingly endless relationship with change and transition, and so I have made it my life’s work to support women to feel safe, competent and confident as they navigate their own transitions.

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I spent my twenties navigating the major role-shifts associated with the sudden illness and passing of my mom, existential awakening, career transition,  returning to school, launching multiple businesses, coming back from burnout, figuring out work-life balance, travelling abroad (a lot), a cross-continental long-distance relationship, moving continents and feeling as though I were starting all over again, and marriage, to name but a few.

As a lifelong  perfectionist and control-freak, change did not come easy to me. But, I am grateful for every obstacle and surprise transition because it has supported me in becoming the woman I am today. 

Working with my own coach, and then enrolling in an ICF accredited Coaching program was the best decision, and investment, I ever made.
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My goal is to support women navigating transitions to move from chaos and confusion to a space of flow and endless possibilities.

I’m here to show you how to finally end your struggle with change, build your capacity for self-awareness, develop unshakeable confidence, integrate all areas of your life, and build healthy habits and relationships in the process.

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“Angie’s gift is in the world of feelings, she is a compassion expert and my exposure to working with her has been profound in helping me discover and acknowledge my own heart. Leveraging my emotions as intelligence has been her blessing to me.”
— Gill F, Mom and Entrepreneur