Client Testimonials


“Angie's gift is in the world of feelings, she is a compassion expert and my exposure to working with her has been profound in helping me discover and acknowledge my own heart. Leveraging my emotions as intelligence has been her blessing to me.”

- Gill F, mother & coach.
Gill is a successful coach, but she knew she could be even better. As a head-strong woman she wanted to feel more balanced and connected to her heart. Our coaching program focused on increasing her emotional intelligence and living from her heart.

“My experience with Angie was mind blowing! I was impressed by how in tune she was to what I was looking for and needed in my life. She is soulful, wise, and her techniques made me take a deeper look into what I needed to focus on to inspire growth, depth, and the ability to reach my highest self. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to work with her.”

- Kyra A, freelance artist
Kyra came to me seeking clarity and direction in her life and career. She is curious by nature but needed to learn how to calm the chaos, tune into her body, and make considered commitments. By the end of our program, Kyra felt calmer, clearer, had signed a contract with a new job and had begun to develop her personal project.



“So many wonderful changes are happening to me since finishing my 7 month coaching program with Angie. I have started running workshops in my profession and I am half way through a teacher training course! All decisions I would have never dreamt I was capable of making 18 months ago. I am finally starting to live my dreams. I highly recommend Angie and her Life Coaching. Processes are tough at times but worth every minute..Thanks Angie!

- Camilla O, mother & entrepreneur
Camilla had thought about starting her own business for over a year before we met. She is a full-time mom, had a lot on her plate, and was fearful of failure. Since our coaching, Camilla and her new business are thriving.

“Achieve REAL personal growth!
Creating a safe space full of love, trust and openness, Angie goes above and beyond to provide a platform and process through which one can achieve real personal growth.”

- Sara J, freelance writer
Sara longed to feel seen, supported and held accountable. Our coaching focused on developing her capacity for self-awareness, prioritising self-care, and how to communicate in a way that she felt heard. Sara’s relationships with her partner and family have all improved significantly as a result of our work together.


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“Angie is a wonderful open hearted life coach, who's coaching and insight is still felt today, 3 years later. I couldn't recommend a better or more caring person to help someone improve and gain better insight into who they are. It's a wonderful journey of self discovery that I highly recommend.”

- Matthew B, freelance artist
Committed to personal development, Matt came to me wanting to learn more about himself and his blindspots. We quickly realised that while Matt is very comfortable in his head, his capacity to listen to his body was limited. Our coaching focused on increasing his somatic awareness so as to feel more balanced and connect with others in a deeper way. As a result of our coaching program, Matt began to better prioritise his health and work, and he is now in a serious relationship.

“Angie brings a naturally open heart to her coaching work, and combined with her in-depth training as a Professionally Certified Coach, she provides safe and intuitive insight and support into the journey of self development. Having spent many hours with her, both in conversation and also being coached on some of my more challenging issues, I'd easily recommend her to facilitate a shift into the deeper truth of the life that's been waiting for you. Angie walks her talk and while a living example of the joy and opportunity that's possible by embracing one's authentic truth, she also brings a tender sense of empathy of the difficulty of life developed through her own difficult losses. All in all, a great companion and guide for the ups and downs of life's journey.”

- Bruce O, client & coach
Bruce is a coach who is (rightfully) committed to his personal and professional development. Our coaching program focused on supporting him as he began to live life in a deeper, more trusting, and connected way.
Bruce’s own coaching practice has improved as a result of our work and his peers and clients notice the deep changes in him.



“Angie is a beautiful human being with a gift of compassion and an ability to form deep human connections with others.”

- Stephany J, colleague & coach
Stephany was seeking compassionate and constructive connection and a safe space to explore her internal world. Our work together gave her the opportunity to be vulnerable and to be coached, which in turn supported her in her own coaching practice.

“Interactions with Angie are positive and constructive. She has incredible insight and a manner of calm that gets one thinking. She really helps open up communication and quickly helps you reflect. She holds a mirror for you to explore yourself in the most unthreatening manner and was able to get well beyond the walls created to preserve myself. A truly incredible and insightful woman.”

- Leigh D, father & entrepreneur
When Leigh and I met, he was at the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in his life. Committed to personal development, he sought a safe space for self-exploration, and wanted honest and constructive feedback. Since our work together, Leigh has allowed himself to be more vulnerable, which has significantly impacted his relationship with himself and others.


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“Angie has the most wonderful energy and spirit. During our life coaching sessions her advice and guidance helped me so much on my path to self discovery, acceptance and love. I felt instantly comfortable to talk to her about anything and I am so grateful for our time together. I would highly recommend her as a Life Coach.”

- Faye H, designer
Faye came to me seeking a safe and honest space. She was experiencing some challenges at work and also exploring a new career path. Our coaching focused on increasing her confidence, building her support network, improving her communication skills, and developing her capacity for self-awareness. Since working together, Faye moved in with her partner, got married and has launched a new business

“Angie is an extremely intuitive and empathetic coach. Not only did she make me feel comfortable and safe in being vulnerable, but she also has a gift for guiding the session and conversation in a way that sheds light on the core of our problems. I highly recommend her to anybody seeking coaching, counselling or even just more clarity in their life.”

- Romy R, student
Romy wanted to gain clarity on her blocks and how/why she was getting in her own way. We designed a program that supported her in becoming more self-aware (in real time) and more connected to her body. This enabled her to begin making decisions and commitments that fueled and inspired her rather than exhausting her. A major result of our coaching program was how Romy began to make considered commitments, and thus honour these commitments.

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"Even the most difficult client will admit that some people have a healing presence that makes us - and our life - better than before. Angie is one of those rare people. We worked together throughout 2017 and she is an amazing coach and intuitive healer. She is both equal parts grounded and professional; compassionate and inspired. Her genuine care shines through to the heart of your challenges. That's what makes Angie one of the most joyous and effective Life Coaches I have worked with. I can really recommend getting a Life Coach to work through your troubles and transitions and I can highly recommend Angie for her skills and ability."

- Fabia D, designer and entrepreneur.
2017 was a year of big transition for Fabia - she started a new job; resigned; began working as a freelancer; moved homes twice; and then moved states! Her coaching program addressed overcoming overwhelm, gaining clarity on her future, prioritising self-care amidst chaos, developing her capacity for self-awareness and taking radical ownership of her life. Since working together, Fabia has relocated again and started a new business. This time around, she has done so with ease and grace - using the tools she developed during our coaching program.

“Life coaching with Angie has just been the best experience. She guided me through a process of discovering my talents and goals. I was all over the place and could not find a path for myself. Angie was so in touch and tapped in to my energy and she could sense in a short amount of time what I needed to focus on and what I needed to put in the background. We discovered that I had an interest in sculpting and Angie encouraged me to be daring and give it a shot. I did and started going to sculpting workshops. I have been so happy ever since and have two pieces in a big art gallery in Franschoek. THANK YOU ANGIE! You helped me with my life goals.”

- Geo S, artist and entrepreneur
Geo wanted clarity and focus. His coaching program enabled him to identify and prioritise his interests, while building the courage to take action.Geo is now focusing on his passion full-time.



“Ang is one of the lightest and brightest people I know. Her sheer energy for life is one of her greatest gifts. Through my sessions with Ang I was inspired to be a better version of myself. Having her there to listen to me and help me come up with constructive solutions to my problems was really helpful. I learned to be more present and to clear my thoughts from the everyday anxieties that were weighing on me. Thank you for all that you do Ang :)

- Ivana E, entrepreneur
Ivana is a business owner who wanted to calm the chaos, feel supported, overcome her anxiety and stop procrastinating. Her coaching program invited her to incorporate organisational tools, prioritise self-care, self-reflection and journaling, and strengthen her support network. Since working together, Ivana no longer feels unsupported, she better prioritises her health, and she is able to manage her stress more effectively and constructively.