Change is inevitable - Growth is optional

  • You may know that you want a new job but you lack clarity and direction.

  • You may be relocating but feel overwhelmed and scared.

  • You may be in a new relationship or getting married but have difficulty communicating your needs and feelings.

  • You may have lost someone close to you and find yourself questioning life, and trying to figure out a way forward.

  • You may be committed to your personal growth, but realize that books and blogs can only get you so far. 

    This is the time to reset and work with a Transition Coach.

I help women navigate change, overcome chaos, and increase feelings of possibility and flow.

“I am finally starting to live my dreams!”
— Camilla O, Mom and Entrepreneur
“Working with her has been profound!”
— Gill F, Mom and Entrepreneur

Key Benefits of Coaching

Successful Transition and Personal Development is built on four pillars:

1. Increase safety

Create a safe and secure environment;
Examine your existing support network;
Identify opportunities for improvement.

2. gain clarity

Identify limiting blindspots;
Build your awareness;
Create a personalized self-development plan.

3. reach understanding

Understand your limiting beliefs and unconscious behaviours;
Reconnect with your body;
Take radical responsibility.

4. inspire action

Newfound deep self-awareness;
Solid support network;
New capacities and capabilities;
Endless possibilities.


9 proven methods to help you navigate change

In this free guide you’ll learn 9 proven ways to help you navigate tough transitions, and how to increase confidence and capability in your life.

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Meet Angie

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My work has taught me that while change is inevitable, for most of us it's never easy.

As a transition coach I support you to feel safe, competent and confident as you navigate life's changes.



“So many wonderful changes are happening to me. I have started running workshops in my profession and I am half way through a teacher training course - all decisions I would have never dreamt I was capable of making 18 months ago. I am finally starting to live my dreams!”
— Camilla O, Mom and Entrepreneur
“Angie is a wonderful open hearted life coach, who’s coaching and insight is still felt today, 3 years later. I couldn’t recommend a better or more caring person to help someone improve and gain better insight into who they are. It’s a wonderful journey of self discovery that I highly recommend.”
— Matthew B, Freelance Artist
“My experience with Angie was mind-blowing! I was impressed by how in tune she was to what I was looking for an needed in my life. She is soulful, wise, and her techniques made me take a deeper look into what I needed to focus on to inspire growth, depth, and the ability to reach my highest self. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to work with her.”
— Kyra A, Creative Freelancer
“Interactions with Angie are positive and constructive. She has incredible insight and a manner of calm that gets one thinking. She really helps open up communication and quickly helps you reflect. She holds a mirror for you to explore yourself in the most unthreatening manner and was able to get well beyond the walls created to preserve myself. A truly incredible and insightful woman.”
— Leigh D, Entrepreneur
“Life coaching with Angie has just been the best experience. She guided me through a process of discovering my talents and goals. I was all over the place and could not find a path for myself. Angie was so in touch and tapped in to my energy and she could sense in a short amount of time what I needed to focus on and what I needed to put in the background.”
— Geo S, Artist & Entrepreneur