Squeeze & Release - A Practice

Title: Squeeze & Release


A practice is an action or activity done repeatedly with the intention of building your capability and competency, leaving you more able to deal with your challenges in your own way.

The purpose of this specific practice is to:

• Increase your capacity to quieten your mind while tuning-into your body.

• Improve your capacity to 'sit with' anxiety & its associated 'pit' feeling.

• Develop your capacity to self-soothe & regulate through your somatic experience.

Instructions (Done when, where & how often):

  • Each night when you lie in bed, begin by closing your eyes and taking three big, deep, slow belly breaths.

  • Now, turn your attention to your toes and feet.

  • As you inhale, squeeze your feet as tight as you possibly can - come on, even tighter than that!! ;-)

  • As you exhale, release the tension.

  • Repeat this step a second time.

  • Now, do the same for your calves;

  • Your knees;

  • Your quads;

  • Your buttocks;

  • Your Stomach;

  • Your hands;

  • Your arms;

  • Your shoulders;

  • Your neck;

  • Your jaw;

  • Your nose;

  • And your eyes.

Reflections & learnings:

The following morning, spend a few moments reflecting on your previous night's practice.

1. How did it feel to 'get into your body'?

2. What are you noticing about yourself as a result of this practice?


Continue this practice for two months

Network of support:

Enlist the support of someone close to you by sharing with them that you are embarking on a journey of deepening your connection with your body.
This person can check in with you to see how your practice is going and hold you accountable.