A Self-Compassion Practice

Title: The Eyes are the Window to the Soul


A practice is an action or activity done repeatedly with the intention of building your capability and competency leaving you more able to deal with your challenges in your own way.

The purpose of this practice is:

  • To peel back layers of the ego

  • To develop a deep and compassionate relationship with yourself

  • To develop the capacity to see and hear yourself


  • Sit in front of a mirror (preferably one that you don’t need to hold)

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a minute.

  • Gently blink your eyes open.

  • Behold your reflection.

  • First, notice the exterior appearance of your eyes, the color and shape. 
    (Your vision may become blurred or you may see the shape of your eyes as the rest of your face recedes from focus)

  • Keep breathing deeply and allow yourself to relax and sense what you feel behind your eyes.

  • Continue to bring your attention back to your breath and your eyes.

  • It is perfectly normal if your mind begins to race, your critic gets loud and your heart feels as though it’s beating in your chest…

  • Simply continue breathing and gazing into your eyes.

  • Continue this practice for 5 minutes (feel free to extend it too)


Reflections & learnings:

Each evening, whilst you are journaling, take time to specifically reflect on:

  • How does it feel to gaze into my own eyes?

  • What do I see when I gaze into my own eyes?

  • What am I learning about myself by doing this?

  • How might this new behavior open up possibilities in my life?



Continue this practice daily for the next 3 weeks.


Network of support:

Confide in a friend/co-worker and tell them about the coaching journey you are on.

Request his/her support in this regard so that there is someone to call on when you have a question, feel the need to share, or experience a breakdown.