Imago Dialogue Technique

Our lives are made up of relationships; big and small, and it is these relationships that support us, or don't, as we move through the world.

I have noticed a trend amongst my clients - they express frustration, despair, confusion and exhaustion within their relationships, saying things like;

"He just doesn't get me!"; "I feel like she's talking at me!"; "Nobody listens to me!"; "No one understands me!"; "I try and I try, but I just don't get what the big deal is!"; "I don't feel supported!" and so it goes on.

These complaints may be about work relationships, friendships, partnerships, parent-child dynamics, etc.

An invaluable aspect of coaching is the capacity of the coach (in this case, me) to listen deeply, and to really, fully understand my client.

Another important aspect is for me to support my client in developing the skills and capabilities she needs to become self-correcting and self-generating in the world.

A resource I have found to be unbelievably powerful, not just in my own life but in my clients' lives, is the Imago Dialogue Technique.

I've included two flowcharts detailing this technique below, because I believe it is important that all beings develop their capacity to communicate in such a way that they understand and in turn, feel understood.

Imago - receiver.jpg