Strengthen your Mind/Body Connection

There’s a reason your mood lifts when you feel the sun on your face, or you suddenly find yourself saying mean things when your stomach is rumbling - our minds and bodies are connected in a myriad of ways that researchers are still discovering.

However, what we do know is when you neglect one aspect of this connection, the other will usually suffer as well.

Here are three ways to strengthen your relationship between mind and body:

1. Bring your attention to your body.
Sometimes, we get so stuck in our heads that we fail to notice what’s happening to our own bodies - like when we ignore our hunger to work through lunch, or spend so long sitting only to realize our foot has gone numb.
Take time to close your eyes, feel your feet on the floor and your bottom on your seat.
Scan your body so you can recognize how you feel, and notice where you need to make changes.

2. Check-in with your wandering mind.
Think of a mindful check-in as taking a scan of the internal weather you’re experiencing: noticing physical sensations, your state of mind and any thoughts that are arising, and any emotions that are present. These three realms - physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions - provide a direct connection to your lived experience and are a resource that’s constantly available during your mindfulness practice.

3. Give your body and mind the rest it deserves.
After a long day, both your body and mind require some restorative down time. But all too often, a distracted mind or an aching body are the very thing that keeps you from getting the sleep you need. Before you curl into bed, try listening to a guided meditation (I love Calm) to connect with your body and settle your mind, so you can ease into sleep, letting go of any worrying thoughts.

I wish you all many moments of mindfulness this week.