The World is Made of Stories

Title: The World is made of Stories

Author: David R. Loy

Rating: 9/10

From start to finish, I felt as though I was on a journey of curious expansion… Each twist and turn offering me the chance to stretch myself, my mind, my understanding, MY STORY…

I now find myself in a state and space of deep contemplation of self, other and the world. What are the many stories I live by? What stories have I created? How am I storying right now?

Stories are ever present.

Often clients will come to coaching because they are ‘tired of their story’, or because they want something new, better (i.e. a new story).

Loy’s book points to the importance of acknowledging the presence of story and the power of language as a way to begin re-storying.

However, some clients are unaware of the prevalence and power of stories and language. Through conversation, powerful questioning and reflection, I (as coach) can support my client in deepening her understanding of stories and language so that she may begin to explore her current and new narrative with greater capacity and commitment and deeper understanding.

The capacity to remove oneself from the story is important and, I believe, precedes the ability to live into and embody a new narrative.

Understanding that I ‘story’ my clients (or rather my understanding of them)… how might I reword or rewrite these stories so that they are as malleable as the flesh form that embodies them?

I now sit in an ongoing meditation of story/ies… My own stories; the stories of my people; the stories of the world and the stories of things. I am questioning and reevaluating each of those stories – How did I come to this story? How else might I language this? Who taught me this story?

My mind feels engaged and elastic, stretching and dancing at every opportunity.

Conscious that I would like to continue this deeper dance with life, work, and all that is; I am permitting myself the freedom to dance and stretch with all the stories.

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